● New Employee Training:

Complete New employees training is provided to help our new employees to better understand corporate culture, management rules, operation regulations, and adept to TYC working environment smoothly and speedily.

● Management Capability Training:

Provisions of management training programs in all work levels, to upgrade work task related capabilities and skills as our goal.    

● Internal Training Instructor System:

An internal training instructor system has been developed for experts to pass on professional skills as well as corporate culture and TYC spirit.

● Various Training Subsidies:

Our employees are encourage for continuous enhancement of professional knowlege and language skills; therefore, we provide subsidies and commuting expenses for external training, as well as incentive rewards for receiving English/ Japanese varification certificate.

● Heath & LOHAS Program:

Organize health and sustainibility workshops to balance daily work and family life, we also invite medical counsultants for free health check-ups in TYC periodically.

● Employee Library:

Library online system set up for our employees to enhance knowledge and enrich personal growth through reading.