Corporate Governance

Board of Directors and Supervisors

Job Name Appointment Date Main Learning Experience
Director Wu,Chun-Chi 2015-06-17
Director Wu,Chun-Lang 2015-06-17
Director Yuan-Hong Investment Limited Liability Company-corporate representative:Chen,Chin-Chao 2015-06-17
Director Guo-Gi-Min Investment Limited Liability Company-corporate representative:Wu,Guo-Zhen 2015-06-17
Director Ke,Wen-Chang 2015-06-17
Independent Director Huang,Chong-Hui 2015-06-17
Independent Director Geng,Bo-Wen 2015-06-17
Supervisor Wu,Chun-Yi 2015-06-17
Supervisor Cai,Gan-Ren 2015-06-17
Supervisor Wang,Xiang-Fu 2015-06-17

Summary of Board Resolutions

Meeting Date Summary of Board Resolutions
Tue Mar 28, 2017
1、 內部控制聲明書討論案。
2、 一O五年度員工酬勞及董監事酬勞分配方式案。
3、 一O五年度決算表冊。
4、 一O五年度盈餘分配案。
5、  「公司章程」修訂案。
6、 「取得或處分資產處理程序」修訂案。
7、 審議本公司簽證會計師獨立性評估結果案。
8、  一O六年股東會受理股東提案相關事宜案。
9、 一O六年股東常會召開案。

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