Labor and Business Ethics Policy

In order to provide employees with a respectful, dignified and safe working environment, and take good care of employees' corporate social responsibilities, we follow the "UDHR" , “ILO Convention " and other relevant human rights norms, and supports the "Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)" code of conduct, and abide by the labor laws and regulations of the Republic of China.

At the same time, the company's main supply chain partners (include recruitment intermediaries) are also mandate to follow.

▰ Labor Policy

  1. Respect each employee's freedom for choice of employment and job transfer, prohibition of any forced or compulsory labor practices.
  2. Prohibit all business sites, domestic and abroad, for employing child labor under the age of 16.
  3. Employees will not be subject to any form of discrimination, harassment or in any unfair treatment.
  4. Provide wages and remuneration in compliance with laws and regulations, including minimum wages, overtime pay and statutory benefits.
  5. Comply with legal working hours and vacation regulations. Any adjustment or extension of working hours shall be subjected to employees’ consent without forced labor.
  6. Inhumane acts such as harassment, assault, abuse, corporal punishment, verbal insults, mental oppression and threats are prohibited.
  7. Value workplace safety and employee health care in supporting employees to maintain physical and mental health to achieve work-life balance.
  8. Respect the right and freedom of assembly and association. Provide multiple communication channels so that employees can reflect any constructive opinions at any time.

▰ Business Ethics Policy

In order to fulfill social responsibilities and succeed in the market, all employees of the company and related suppliers must abide by the highest standards of moral requirements.

  1. No kickbacks or any other improper benefits.
  2. It is forbidden to profit from job related contracts and businesses, investment in third-party factories within the job/employment scope that have contacts and cooperation with the company.
  3. Use corporate facility or possession for personal purposes, or one’s own benefit at the expense of the public is not allowed.
  4. No embezzlement, misappropriation, tax evasion, and malpractice for personal gain.
  5. Do not take advantage of authority to seek personal gain during recruitment.
  6. Do not squander and waste corporate funds, accept improper gifts or entertainment, such as illegal places or activities involving pornography, gambling or drugs, etc.
  7. Forbidden to ask third parties or customers to contribute any forms of payments, solicit funds, or accept gifts, coupons, or cash for corporate events or receptions.
  8. Publicly disclose information on business activities, organizational structure, financial status and operating performance in accordance with the law.
  9. Respect intellectual property rights and information security related laws and regulations, do not use illegal software, and take protective measures to safeguard employee personal information, customers and suppliers confidential information against disclosure to any third party.
  10. Uphold standards for fair trade, advertising and competition.
  11. Keep the whistleblower and the content of the whistleblower confidential, ensure the confidentiality and anonymity of their identity, and protect the whistleblower from being improperly dealt with due to the act of whistle blowing.

If evidence of violation is found, it can be reported to the mailbox of the general manager (the process is confidential). If it is found to be true, the relevant personnel who engage in fraud and corruption will be punished according to law; employees who violate the regulations will be punished according to the company's punishment regulations depending on the severity of the circumstances. ; For cooperation partner who violate the regulations, the cooperative relationship with TYC will be terminated immediately.

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