Major Corporate Functions



Audit Department

Responsible for company-wide internal rules and regulations and various management systems, executing audit work plans, implementing various systems management and improvement.

Safety and Health Room

1.    Formulate occupational disaster prevention plans and emergency

response plans, and provide guidance to relevant departments on their


2.    Planning and supervising the inspection and checking of safety and health facilities.

General Manager's Room

Supervision and management of the approval and execution of medium and long-term policies and objectives of each overseas business unit.

Administration  Division

1.    Maintenance and development of the human resources framework.

2.    Maintain high performance operation of the company's information services and management strategies.

Financial  Division

1.   Processing of financial and accounting operations and providing information necessary for management decisions.

2.   To keep track of domestic and international financial trends and manage the use of funds.

Sales and Marketing Division

1.    Obtain customer and domestic and international market

Dynamics in a timely manner, and further explore consumer demand trends, and develop sales strategies.

2.    Integrate the activities of production and related departments to make the team work efficiently and start strong and profitable sales activities to improve customer satisfaction and increase company profitability.

Production Division

1.    Cultivate and develop the various functions, promote the balance of productivity, and realize stable production.

2.    Implement the quality of operation, improve the production system in a timely manner to enhance product quality and productivity.

Manufacturing Division

1.    Mold fabrication and modification, mold manufacturing technology, mold repair and maintenance of related equipment, etc.

2.    Evaluate the feasibility and cost analysis of manufacturing new development molds.

Material Supply Division

1.    Planning and integrating procurement resources to strengthen the

systematic production and marketing system.

2.    Understand market trends and procurement policies.

Quality Control Department

1.   To establish a complete quality system and further improve the quality of products.

2.   Feedback from customer voices.

R&D Division

1.   Promote appropriate quality system or system to ensure product

quality, continuous improvement and reduce variation and waste.

2.   Start product evaluation, planning, mold development, trial production to mass production development plan.

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