Functional Safety Policy

Develop functional safety concepts, Establish functional safety processes,
Comply with functional safety regulations, Achieve functional safety goals.

    TYC implements the spirit of "people-oriented, safety first". At each stage of the product life cycle, it develops the concept that employees at all levels must carry out relevant control operations in accordance with the functional safety process. When encountering situations where there are disagreements in the process, the term will discuss and communicate together with the thinking of "safety first" to avoid conflicts. It also conducts configuration management for various activities in the product life cycle to ensure that the product development process meets the requirements of ISO 26262 and achieves the goal of "assuring the safety of drivers, passengers and passers-by".

Safety Culture

  1. Develop and maintain a safety culture to support and encourage the effective implementation of functional safety requirements.
  2. Execute and maintain specific specifications and process implementation to meet ISO 26262 requirements.
  3. Execute and maintain effective communication channels between the functional safety field and related fields.
  4. Execute and maintain safety anomalies procedures to ensure the identification of safety anomalies for establishing reporting channels to safety managers and related personnel in charge, for appropriate evaluation, handling and resolution of safety anomalies.
  5. Functional safety activities provide the necessary resources to ensure the implementation of functional safety, and grant sufficient authority to execute or support personnel to perform their duties.
  6. During the life cycle of functional safety, all functional safety activities will be configured and managed in accordance with the requirements of ISO 26262.
  7. On the basis of continuous improvement activities, encourage every employee to participate actively in order to enhance their cognition and literacy of ISO 26262.

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