Employee Benefit Measure

IEmployee Welfare Initiatives And Implementation

1All employees are insured labor, health and group insurance.

2Regular health check and education.

3Meal allowances.

4Year-end activities and lucky draws.

5Welfare Committee, the welfare offerings by the Welfare Committee are as follows:

                                             (1)   Company trip or allowance

                                             (2)   Employee birthday cash gifts, seasonal cash gifts.

                                             (3)   Year-end activities and lucky draws.

                                             (4)   Funeral condolence payments.

                                             (5)   Employee wedding cash gifts.

                                             (6)   Birth allowances.

                                             (7)   Recreation activities.

                                             (8)   Hospitalization allowance.

                                             (9)   Subsidies for employee club activities.

                                           (10) Signing contract with appointed stores

IIRetirement Initiatives And Implementation

1The plan under the R.O.C. Labor Pension Act (the “Act”) is deemed a defined contribution plan. Pursuant to the Act, the Company has made monthly contributions equal to 6% of each employee’s monthly salary to employees’ pension accounts.

Accordingly, the Company recognized expenses of NT$41,235 thousand and NT$39,061 thousand for the years ended December 31, 2022 and 2021, respectively.

2The Company has defined benefit plans under the R.O.C. Labor Standards Law that provide benefits based on an employee’s length of service and average monthly salary prior to retirement.The length of service. Under the defined benefit pension plan, two units are accrued for each year of service for the first 15 years and one unit for each additional year thereafter, subject to a maximum of 45 units. The Company contributes monthly an amount equal to 3% of the employees’ monthly salaries and wages to the retirement fund deposited with Bank of Taiwan, the trustee, under the name of the independent retirement fund committee. Also, the Company assesses the balance in the aforementioned labor pension reserve account by December 31 of every year. If the account balance is insufficient to pay the pension calculated by the aforementioned method to the employees expected to qualify for retirement in the following year, the Company will make contributions for the deficit by the end of next March. 

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