Team TYC

At TYC, we not only provide job opportunities, but are also committed to provide career development training for employees to grow strong. Over here, you can fulfill yourself through a complete career plan. We not only regard employees as family members, but also create the best working environment for employees, so that every partner can enjoy multiple benefits, we continue to provide a sense of satisfaction.

You are welcome to join the TYC team if you are interested in the automotive industry. We are united and cohesive, and we will work with you to open up infinite possibilities for future career!


TYC adheres to the corporate vision of "bringing meaningful influence to the world", and our task is to keep up with the ever-changing market, presenting an energetic, youthful image and active platform.

While pursuing the sustainable development of the enterprise and developing new technologies and new dreams, we expect to create a working environment full of happiness and vitality. We hope that every partner will move forward with us and create the future of the automotive lighting industry hand in hand.


● New Employee Training:

Complete New employees training is provided to help our new employees to better understand corporate culture, management rules, operation regulations, and adept to TYC working environment smoothly and speedily.

● Management Capability Training:

Provisions of management training programs in all work levels, to upgrade work task related capabilities and skills as our goal.    

● Internal Training Instructor System:

An internal training instructor system has been developed for experts to pass on professional skills as well as corporate culture and TYC spirit.

● Various Training Subsidies:

Our employees are encourage for continuous enhancement of professional knowlege and language skills; therefore, we provide subsidies and commuting expenses for external training, as well as incentive rewards for receiving English/ Japanese varification certificate.

● Heath & LOHAS Program:

Organize health and sustainibility workshops to balance daily work and family life, we also invite medical counsultants for free health check-ups in TYC periodically.

● Employee Library:

Library online system set up for our employees to enhance knowledge and enrich personal growth through reading.

Recruitment Process

TYC welcome you to join our big family! To learn more about our recruitment process, please refer below.

Application Process

Interview Tips

‧Documents Required
Please bring the following documents required to enter TYC office building.
- Personal identification card
- One photo 1 inch
- Optional : Personal education transcript records & portfolio

‧Proper Outfits
Looking neat and tidy is the basic principle for a successful interview.
Do not wear shorts and slippers.

‧Depart early and arrive on time
To avoid traffic or encounter factors that caused delay, please depart early from home.

‧Keep a pleasant feeling
Stay relax and stress free for a smooth successful interview.

Interview Process

Preparation for your first working day at TYC

Congratulation ! In this final stage, please bring the following materials for employment registration.

1. Original copy of personal identification including a corresponding photo copy (Original copy for reference only)
2. A standard ID card photo, 1 inch, taken within a year. Please provide digital document file if possible.
3. Original highest education attainment graduation certificate including a corresponding photocopy. (Original copy for reference only)
4. Labor health check up report within a year, including blood/urine test, and X ray examination.
5. A photocopy of Army Service Discharge Certificate. (Male employee only)
6. A photocopy of Chang Hwa Bank Passbook cover page.7. A pen and personal stamp

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